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Disaster Planning Shows Our Commitment to Quality

The building, facilities and emergency backup capabilities of your call center should be important to you since they affect the reliability of your answering services. We have engineered our facility in a way that allows us to provide almost completely uninterrupted service, even in disaster situations.

In 2006, after 2 major storms hit St. Louis, we planned and built a new building that is engineered to be usable after a major storm or earthquake. For instance, our building has 2 diverse cable routes and an isolated, concrete computer equipment room that can continue to operate with remote operator stations if some external event requires building evacuation. We have truly worked to minimize the threat outside conditions pose on our services.

Commercial Power

Our building power is fed underground from a location that is only 150 feet from the Ameren substation that feeds Barnes West Hospital. This power feed for Barnes provides us with a substation that has a dual power feed as well as a very high restoration level in the event of a power outage. Furthermore, it is located less than a mile from one of two power distribution stations that supply power to the substation on metal transmission towers.

Backup Generator, On-Site Fuel and UPS

We have a propane-powered generator and on-site fuel that allows us to run for 10-15 days without refueling or the necessity of a natural gas supply. We can even provide service in the most severe, extended weather conditions and extenuating circumstances such as the ice storm of 2006 that paralyzed the St. Louis metropolitan area. Our permanently mounted auto-start/transfer generator is capable of operating all critical equipment including computers, printers, fax machines, heat, air conditioning, and even kitchen appliances, to keep both technology and people working. We also employ a double conversion U.P.S. (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that provides the highest quality surge protection. It will keep equipment running until our generator comes online and will function during generator maintenance.

Our Building

Our facility was constructed in 2007 to the latest Essential Facilities Structural Engineering Standards used for hospitals, police and fire stations. This gives you the benefit of one of the most reliable call center facilities in the country with a building that will remain functional even in the wake of most disasters.

(See engineer’s letter).

Data Security and Reliability (two, tier 1 fiber Internet connections)

The computer area is a separate, concrete-reinforced room with a fire-rated locked steel door. We have two sources of Internet that enter the building from separate locations, each capable of providing backup phone service. We have two separate tier one providers of Internet, meaning that each connection operates independently of the other. This ensures that you the customer are guaranteed extremely reliable Internet sources thus providing fully redundant connections. The AT&T and Level 3 CenturyLink Internet connections are provided by two separate fiber optic cables that are fed into our computer room. Additionally, all servers and firewalls are redundant and our operators are capable of working on-site or remotely. As such, only one Internet connection and the computer room are necessary for us to operate.

Firewall Security

We have redundant phone services on all of our numbers. This is done with two Tier 1 VPN fiber connections from AT&T and Level 3 which gives us redundancy to our VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) provider that also has a fully redundant system with switches in Dallas, TX and Las Vegas, NV.

(See Diagram)

Firewall Security

Our current firewall has been in place since 2001 and worked when many other major corporations have been compromised. We regularly test our firewall security externally with two different vulnerability scanner packages. Both packages regularly indicate a high level of data security. We also analyze a monthly report of access attempts to our system firewalls.

(See letter from O’Connor Insurance)

This ensures that your emergency service will be there when you need it!

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